Universal Downlight: ideal solution

Discover one of our latest releases, the Universal Downlight. This recessed downlight stands out for its unique mechanism that allows you to adjust the spacing diameter of the clamps, making it the ideal option to adapt to almost any diameter cutout in the ceiling.

Universal Downlight: ideal solution

One of the main advantages of the Universal Downlight lies in its ability to take advantage of the existing holes in the ceiling of other recessed fixtures. With this ingenious adjustment mechanism, it will no longer be necessary to drill new holes or enlarge them, saving time, effort and avoiding damage to the ceiling. Its installation is quick and easy, allowing you to quickly enjoy quality lighting in any space.

In addition, the Universal Downlight has two selectors that offer you greater flexibility and customization in your lighting. The color temperature selector allows you to choose between three options: 3000K, 4000K or 6500K, to create different environments and moods depending on the situation. Likewise, the power selector allows you to choose between three power levels: 10W, 15W or 18W, allowing you to adjust the lighting level according to the specific needs of each space.

With its elegant and functional design, the Universal Downlight fits perfectly into any environment, be it homes, offices, shops or commercial spaces. Its advanced technology guarantees efficient and uniform lighting, providing a cozy and comfortable environment at all times.

Do not miss the opportunity to experience the comfort and versatility that the Universal Downlight offers in your lighting projects. Discover how this innovative product adapts perfectly to your needs and allows an installation without complications. Illuminate your spaces intelligently and with style with the Universal Downlight!