Introducing our latest line of products that will elevate the lighting and ventilation experience in your spaces. On our website, you'll find a variety of options that combine style, functionality and energy efficiency - check out the details of our new collection below!

Discover the Innovation in LED Fans and Ceiling Lights with Our New Collection!

We are pleased to present the LED Flat Module. This innovative module has been designed to offer a simple solution to space limitations when installing recessed lamps, without sacrificing efficiency and aesthetics.

Introducing the Flat Module: Innovation in Lighting for Compact Spaces

We are pleased to present our latest addition: the UFO COMPACT LED high bay. Designed with simplicity and efficiency in mind. This compact hood stands out for its performance and versatility in demanding industrial environments.

Introducing the New UFO COMPACT LED High Bay!

Introducing our complete range of COB LED Strips, an innovative lighting option designed to transform your spaces with vibrant colors, versatility and energy efficiency.

Join the COB family!

We are delighted to present our latest addition: the TECH range. These are LED outdoor wall lights that combine efficient functionality with a simple and modern design. With the TECH range, we have sought to provide an accessible and effective outdoor lighting solution.

Discover Lighting Innovation with the TECH Range!

We are pleased to present our latest innovation in lighting: LED recessed and ceiling lights with integrated sensors, offering a smarter and more convenient way to illuminate your spaces.

Efficient Lighting: Recessed and LED Ceiling Lights with Sensors, Light only when you need it