Lighting with linear systems

Introducing our latest catalog of linear systems, a comprehensive collection of products that will redefine the way you experience lighting. Linear systems are an elegant and functional option that offer a uniform distribution of light, providing cozy and sophisticated environments in any space.

Lighting with linear systems

In this complete catalog you will find a variety of options, each one designed to satisfy different lighting needs:

1. Magnetic Track Lighting: Discover the future of lighting with our magnetic track, a modern and versatile system that uses magnetism to firmly hold fixtures in place. With simple installation and unparalleled flexibility, the magnetic track allows you to easily adjust and change fixtures, adapting them to your changing needs.

2. Recessed Linear Luminaires: These luminaires are perfect for creating a clean and minimalist environment in your spaces. Discreetly integrated into the ceiling or wall, these luminaires provide soft, even lighting, enhancing the aesthetics and functionality of any setting.

3. Linear Pendant or Surface Light Fixtures: For those looking to stand out and add a modern touch to their spaces, our linear pendant or surface light fixtures are the ideal choice. Available in a variety of designs and finishes, these fixtures add a touch of elegance and sophistication to your interiors.

4. Aluminum Profiles for LED Strips: If you are looking for a personalized and efficient lighting solution, our aluminum profiles are perfect for installing LED strips. These profiles protect and enhance the aesthetics of the LED strips, while providing uniform illumination capable of adapting to any location.

5. Lighting for Three-Phase Tracks: Discover our selection of luminaires specifically designed for the three-phase track system. With easy installation and a wide variety of options, these luminaires allow you to create a striking and flexible environment.

Our catalog of linear systems offers a complete range of products that adapt to all lighting needs, from commercial spaces and offices to homes and residential projects. Linear lighting provides an enveloping and functional visual experience, improving the aesthetics and comfort of your environments.

Immerse yourself in innovation and style with our new catalog of linear systems. Explore the endless possibilities of linear lighting and create stunning and memorable settings around every corner!