urban lighting

It gives the city its unmistakable charm.

It not only illuminates the streets, but also creates atmospheres and puts architecture, structures and monuments in the right light .

Design and customization

And with its design, it often remains visible and part of the urban landscape, day and night. With decorative masts, customer-specific color variants or amber colored lighting, CONALUX offers cities the opportunity for genuine individualisation.

Urban planning and architecture

Spotlights and luminaires stage historic sights, from churches and castles to monuments and the landmarks of modern times. CONALUX works hand in hand with urban planners to create solutions that combine atmospheric light with technical innovation, environmental protection and low energy consumption.


Especially the latter is gaining in importance in view of statutory requirements and tight municipal budgets. Aesthetically successful solutions that save energy and make life in cities easier or worth living through integrated intelligence, make citizens aware of the responsible use of resources and improve their image.