Join the COB family!

Introducing our complete range of COB LED Strips, an innovative lighting option designed to transform your spaces with vibrant colours, versatility and energy efficiency.

Join the COB family!

Highlights of the COB LED Strip Range:

• Single-colour at various colour temperatures (3K-4K-5K): Discover elegance and simplicity with our single-colour COB LED strips, available in various colour temperatures (3K-4K-5K). You can also choose from 8 W or 15 W options, allowing you to find the perfect wattage for every application and ensuring efficient and economical lighting - the choice is yours. With luminous efficacies in excess of 120 lm/W.

• RGB and RGBW strips: Immerse yourself in a colourful show with our RGB and RGBW continuous light strips. Customise the lighting to your liking or create dynamic environments with a wide range of colour and light intensity options.

• Variable Colour Temperature and Intensity: Experience the flexibility of our CCT strips, which allow you to adjust the colour temperature (2700 K – 6000 K) according to your preferences. From warm and cosy tones to cooler tones, tailor your lighting to suit every occasion.

• RGB+CCT: Combine the best of both worlds with our RGB+CDC strips. Enjoy the creativity of RGB colours together with the versatility of variable colour temperature for a complete lighting experience.

• Pixel Strips (digital): Take lighting to the next level with our pixel strips. Create stunning visual effects and custom animations to add a unique and dynamic touch to your spaces.

                                     • Higher luminance

                                     • Higher luminous efficiency

                                     • Feeling of continuity and quality

                                     • No dots to be seen

Transform your spaces with COB strips:

Whether it's enhancing your home décor, creating captivating atmospheres at events or bringing architectural lighting projects to life, our range of COB LED Strips offers a solution for every need.

Visit the COB strips section of our website to explore the versatility and creative potential of our COB LED Strips - make your world shine with colour, flexibility and efficiency!