Introducing the New UFO COMPACT LED High Bay!

Introducing our new UFO COMPACT LED high bay, food and clean area specific light. Designed with simplicity and efficiency in mind, this compact lamp hood stands out for its performance and versatility in demanding industrial environments.

Introducing the New UFO COMPACT LED High Bay!

Key Features of the UFO COMPACT:

• Compact and Watertight Design: The UFO COMPACT is distinguished by its minimalist and watertight design, incorporating as few components as possible. With dimensions of 400 x 400 x 220 mm and a weight of 4820 g, this hood is perfectly suited to industrial environments where cleanliness is crucial.

• Reliable Performance: Despite its compact size, the hood offers a power output of 151 W with an exceptional power factor of 0.99. Its CRI index of 96 ensures faithful colour rendering, essential in industrial environments requiring precise lighting.

• High Sealing and Protection: With IP69 and IK10 ratings, the UFO COMPACT is designed to withstand harsh environments, ensuring complete protection against dust, water and shock. Ideal for the food industry and other sectors that demand clean and safe environments.

Efficiency without compromise:

The UFO COMPACT LED Bell represents the next generation in industrial lighting. Its intelligent design, combined with powerful performance, makes it the ideal choice for environments that require efficient, high-quality lighting. Find out more about the UFO COMPACT by visiting its section on our website and join the revolution in industrial lighting - illuminate your space with innovation and efficiency!