Discover the Versatility in Lighting in our Linear Systems catalogue.

We present our catalogue of linear systems, a catalogue that opens up a world of possibilities in design and functionality. Our linear systems not only illuminate, but also offer a unique opportunity to create customised lighting structures, adapted to any environment.

Discover the Versatility in Lighting in our Linear Systems catalogue.

Discover the Innovation in our Linear Systems:

1.      Track Light - Three Phase Rails: Wide variety of high-quality products also manufactured in Spain. Quality and versatility to carry out any project.

2.      Magnetic - Magnetic Fastening Technology: The Magnetic system offers an innovative perspective. A modern and efficient solution to build luminous structures.

3.      Indoor LED Displays - Connection without Limits: Rectangular LED Indoor Displays offer a lot of versatility when it comes to making luminous compositions of all kinds, adapting to the aesthetics and needs of each space.

4.      Technical Recessed Lighting - Seamless Integration: Similar to the Indoor LED Display system, Technical Recessed Lighting offers the possibility to build recessed structures, providing a stylish and functional solution for various environments.

5.      Profiling - Expanding the Possibilities of LED Strips: Our Profiling consists of aluminium profiles designed to install LED strips, offering a wide range of options to enhance lighting capabilities and aesthetics. A versatile addition that enhances the already versatile properties of LED strips.

Design with Light: The Freedom of Our Linear Systems:

Linear systems not only illuminate, they offer the freedom to design with light. Explore our catalogue and discover how you can transform any space with the versatility of our products. Take your lighting experience to new heights with our innovative solutions.