LED solutions and applications

Our 25 years of experience in lighting has given us the knowledge to be able to manufacture and develop products for different applications.

12-24V DC/AC:

A large part of our products up to 50W can be operated at 12-24V (caravans, floats, boats, solar energy, etc.).


Emergency kits and products with built-in emergency, so that a power failure is not a lighting problem.

Regulation and control:

Lighting control systems that allow users to personalize their spaces and create comfortable environments by regulating lights, adjusting and programming light scenes, including time programming. Regulate and control any device (0-10V, Dali, Triac-AC, Push, KNX, DMX)

LOGO triac
LOGO knx
LOGO dmx
LOGO dali
LOGO 0-10v
LOGO zigbee
LOGO wifi


Atex certified products for the oil-chemical-petrol industry.

Wi-Fi APP:

We have our own Wi-Fi App to be able to control any lighting and even electrical device through our mobile from anywhere in the world.


Low and high temperature solutions, height, different powers, lenses for specific applications. Special products for different applications.


Power downlight for great heights, Track applications with different solutions and options. Great variety of products.


All kinds of applications for the domestic sector, with all kinds of regulations. Low, medium and high power LED strips in Monocolor, RGB, RGB+F, RGB+C. LED pixel with a multitude of options in Controllers, Regulators and Controls.


Products with great quality and efficiency that respect the environment and users.


At Luces Naco SL we are in continuous development, helping and advising our clients with:

  • custom projects
  • technical department
  • R&D
  • Customer Support
  • lighting studies
  • lighting consulting

Artificial vision


IOT (internet of things)

We use infrared, ultraviolet, etc. LEDs. to create and optimize solutions for our customers.

Lighting systems that complement security systems with the highest reliability.

Interconnection between different lighting and electrical devices, sensors/detectors, cameras, etc.