Iluminación Empotrables

Lighting for ergonomics:

light for people

The criteria that office lighting must meet are established in the European standard EN 12464-1:

illuminance, uniformity and glare behavior determine the quality of light. Light can do much more than that.


Lighting concepts that focus on the individual needs of people promote concentration at work and regeneration during breaks. Biologically effective light mimics the natural brightness and color of daylight, with a positive effect on well-being and performance.


Human Centered Lighting (HCL) is particularly important in office environments, which today are more living spaces than just a workplace. However, it is by no means about constantly optimizing people and getting even more out of them, but about supporting them with the right colors and strengths for the situation.


The goal is to develop holistic concepts that take standards, artificial light and daylight into account for maximum well-being in the office space. Furthermore, an atmosphere that is perceived as positive also promotes staff loyalty: in times of shortage of skilled workers, an additional argument for the best possible office equipment, even with light.